26. Mind-body Medicine and Breathwork with Dr. Brad Lichtenstein

Episode Summary

Dr. Brad Lichtenstein has spent more than 25 years in private practice and as a professor at Bastyr University. His holistic approach focuses on teaching people how to create strong psycho-emotional-spiritual health while dealing with chronic, life-challenging illnesses and trauma. He combines mind-body medicine, biofeedback, somatic psychology, contemplative practices, and yoga. His philosophy and approach was profoundly influenced by his work delivering guided meditations to hospice patients. He’s been widely published in popular media and medical texts, continues to facilitate workshops, teaches his approach at national and regional conferences, and has hosted over 40+ death cafes around the greater Seattle area.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:40] How Dr. Lichtenstein’s work with hospice patients changed his life
  • [07:30] What is mind-body medicine and what are the benefits of practicing it
  • [13:10] Breathwork and how it affects the mind and body
  • [16:00] Which mind-body approach is best for you and how to do it right
  • [20:30] Will practicing mind-body medicine help you become less reactive
  • [24:00] How practicing mind-body medicine helps you become more proactive
  • [26:15] Can mind-body medicine better your overall health
  • [27:29] All about Biofeedback
  • [28:15] How breathing a certain way can regulate your nervous system
  • [30:22] Is mind-body medicine a proper treatment for anxiety
  • [32:45] Creating a new relationship with yourself
  • [35:30] Dr. Lichtenstein’s parting words all about gratitude practice

Resources talked about in this episode

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