18. Xpill with Robert Richman

Episode Summary

Robert Richman is one of the world’s foremost experts in helping people create transformative growth in their lives and helping companies create cultures that unleash the power and potential of its employees. He’s a culture strategist and was the co-creator of Zappos Insights, an innovative program focused on educating companies on the secrets behind Zappos’ amazing employee culture. As one of the world’s authorities on employee culture, Robert is a sought after keynote speaker at conferences around the world and has been hired to teach culture in person at companies like Google, Toyota, and Eli Lilly. He has pioneered a number of innovative techniques to build culture, such as bringing improv comedy to the workplace.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:25] Taking your state to a higher level
  • [02:15] Tips to changing the way you perceive the world around you and how you react to it
  • [03:15] How alignment is important towards reaching your goals
  • [05:45] How to identify where your values are and where there might be a misalignment
  • [07:45] Tips to going from an overwhelmed state to reaching a sense of clarity
  • [09:45] Resources to moving from a state of overwhelm
  • [11:45] What’s holding people back from reaching their true potential
  • [13:15] All about Robert’s project Xpill
  • [16:45] Robert’s responds to people who don’t believe in Xpill
  • [19:10] How the Xpill helps with intention, resistance, and creating space
  • [22:15] Why it’s important to align emotions and intentions in the body
  • [23:30] Robert’s procedure to figuring out your why
  • [24:50] How Robert’s improv comedy technique helps people reach their goals
  • [26:30] How saying yes to your current reality helps you reach your goals
  • [28:00] Robert’s parting words

Resources talked about in this episode

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