24. Depression with Dr. Peter Bongiorno

Episode Summary

Dr. Peter Bongiorno’s mission is to improve everyone’s mood by enlightening the practice of mental health. Dr. Peter helps you understand what you can do to lift your mood and beat depression using natural approaches. He received his medical degree at Bastyr University after researching mental health at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Peter has thriving New York clinics and has authored numerous books to teach both physicians and patients how to use natural care for mental illness.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:30] How the pandemic and economic downturn are affecting people with depression
  • [02:45] Dr. Bongiorno’s approach to helping his patients
  • [05:00] How Dr. Bongiorno evaluates patients
  • [06:40] Should you get your neurotransmitters tested?
  • [07:45] The most common underlying causes of depression?
  • [09:00] Is your gut affecting your mental health?
  • [11:00] Tips for improving mental health
  • [14:00] How a naturopathic physician can help someone taking antidepressant medication
  • [15:45] How fish oil can help someone struggling with depression
  • [17:30] Other nutrients that can be useful for someone struggling with depression
  • [19:30] Why it’s important to take a serum ferritin test
  • [23:40] The best diet to prevent and treat anxiety and depression
  • [28:30] How environmental exposure can influence the way we feel
  • [33:30] Dr. Bongiorno’s parting words

Resources talked about in this episode

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