15. Natural Approaches to Acid Reflux

Episode Summary

Every day, millions of people take acid-blocking medications to treat the symptoms of acid reflux, for duodenal ulcers and as an important part of a treatment strategy to kill the H. pylori infection. These medications are effective at treating the symptoms of disease, but they don’t treat the underlying cause and can create deadly side effects. Learn what causes acid reflux and how you can fix it using natural and integrative approaches.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:20] The dangers of taking acid-blocking medication long term
  • [03:10] Both PPI and H2 Blockers have also shown to increase hip fracture risk in people with osteoporosis
  • [05:20] Symptoms of acid reflux
  • [06:05] The Important role stomach acid plays in your body
  • [07:56] Aging can contribute to the decrease in stomach acid
  • [09:05] How low stomach acid can affect your health
  • [13:32] The typical medical response to acid reflux
  • [15:01] How to naturally fix underlying causes of acid reflux
  • [15:23] 5 common foods that create acid reflux
  • [26:00] Uncomfortable side effects of acid reflux

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