11. Detoxify Your Kitchen

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dr. Neustadt talks about the most common hidden toxins lurking in your kitchen. Some you’re bringing in from the outside by what you’re buying, and others you’re creating by how you’re cooking. Learn what these are, how they’re endangering you and your family and how to get them out of your kitchen and life for good.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [02:12] Common toxins that are in your kitchen right now
  • [03:28] Chemicals found in plastic containers
  • [06:22] Toxic oils you need to remove from your life
  • [10:21] Why artificial sweeteners are poisoning you
  • [12:00] How to get rid of food with toxic ingredients
  • [13:45] Solving your sugar problem
  • [14:54] How sugar affects your health
  • [16:40] Different ways companies label sugar in packages
  • [22:35] How to comfortably start cutting sugar from your diet

Resources talked about in this episode

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34. Aging for the Long Haul with Dr. Hillary Lampers

34. Aging for the Long Haul with Dr. Hillary Lampers

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33. The Most Dangerous Drugs for Bones

33. The Most Dangerous Drugs for Bones

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