36. COVID Long Haulers with Dr. Paul Anderson

Episode Summary

About 1% of patients with COVID-19 symptoms are still struggling months later. These are the “long haulers” who suffer from wide ranging and mysterious symptoms. They include fatigue, brain fog, difficulty finding words, headaches, difficulty sleeping, body aches, and joint pain. Dr. Paul Anderson brings more than thirty years of clinical work and research on chronic diseases, and his work with COVID patients to explain what’s going on and how people can continue to heal.


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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [02:02] What is COVID long haulers syndrome 
  • [05:15] The most common symptoms of COVID long haulers 
  • [08:01] COVID long haulers complications
  • [10:45] Can underlying diseases cause post-COVID complications 
  • [12:30] The connection between brain fog and central nervous system dysfunction
  • [14:11] Is vasculitis the cause of some COVID symptoms 
  • [16:15] Will anti-inflammatory medication help with post-COVID inflammation
  • [20:30] Important questions to ask your doctor if you’re experiencing post-COVID symptoms
  • [25:30] Can you  prevent getting COVID long haulers syndrome 
  • [31:45] All about Dr. Anderson’s new book
  • [37:09] Where can you find Dr. Anderson to learn more information
  • [39:15] Dr. Anderson’s parting words

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43. Listener Q&A

43. Listener Q&A

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