Cardiovascular Supplements

Healthy circulation is essential for overall health. Poor circulation can cause pain when walking, shortness of breath, memory loss, chest pain, swelling, skin discoloration, cold extremities and decreased vision.

Blood clots occur when blood hardens from a liquid to solid. When this blood clot forms in a blood vessel or the heart it can dislodge and travel to the lungs or brain. When it occurs in the brain it causes a stroke. Eighty percent of strokes are from blood clots.

When a blood clot occurs in the leg it’s called a “deep vein thrombosis” (DVT). DVT usually occurs behind the knees. It’s painful and can be deadly because it can travel to the lungs. Risk factors for strokes and DVT include smoking, aging, sedentary lifestyle and surgery. Additionally, airplane flights longer than a few hours increase the risks for DVT. This is because the blood pools when sitting, which increases the risk for blood clots.

People should take steps to promote and maintain healthy blood clotting. If you’re smoking, stop. If you’re sedentary, get up and start moving. If you're on a long flight, get up and walk in the aisle hourly and avoid alcohol and caffeine as they can dehydrate you. To maintain good hydration drink about five to eight glasses of water daily.

And take NattoPine. It’s the only dietary supplement that contains the amount and form of nutrients shown in a clinical trial to maintain healthy blood clotting. The study provided 3650 fibrinolytic units of Nattokinase and 300 mg standardized pine bark extract to people on long flights (greater than seven hours).1 These ingredients decreased blood clots by nearly 25% compared to controls. In other words, blood clots were prevented in 100% of people taking NattoPine’s formula. And compared to those not taking the nutrients, people taking nattokinase and pine bark extract had a 27% decrease in risk of leg swelling (edema).

Compare it with other formulas. Only NattoPine contains the amount and combination of nutrients shown to actually work to maintain healthy blood clotting.

While NattoPine promotes and maintains healthy blood clotting, MitoForte is a systemic formula. The ingredients in MitoForte promote and maintain healthy circulation and oxygen flow to the heart and throughout the body.

To learn more, read Twenty-Six Reasons to Take MitoForte. Also, learn more about Nattokinase.

How does your blood clot and circulation supplement compare?
View a chart comparing NattoPine to the leading nattokinase supplements, such as Now's Nattokinase, Source Naturals' Nattokinase, Jarrow's Nattomax and Allergy Research Group's Nattokinase.